Lazy Portfolios and VIAC/Finpension

How can I replicate the following portfolios with VIAC? I have 5 portfolios there, all have the same strategy and I have lost track of the funds offered (CS/Swisscanto).

a) Golden Butterfly
b) All-Weather Portfolio (Ray Dalio)
c) Harry Browne permanent-portfolio

You can replicate these portfolios by switching to a custom strategy and select the appropriate funds.

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Yes I know, but which funds? Which would you choose for the Golden Butterfly Lazy Portfolio for example?

You can’t replicate the Golden Butterfly or Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio because your gold allocation is capped at 15% in VIAC with either 10% of the Swisscanto/CSIF gold fund and 5% of the other.

You should be able to replicate the All-Weather now that there is a commodities fund. Be aware that it is mainly a bond-heavy portfolio and even Ray Dalio has been saying that bonds are trash came 2022 (so it was an “all-weather” except for those weathers where bonds don’t do good enough). Also, there’s no guarantee that a 1:1 conversion toward CHF assets, in particular bonds, would allow the porftolio to keep the properties you are searching in it, even though it was what I was considering doing when I was toying with the idea.

When I was considering it, I had arbitratily decided that real estate could roughly be considered as having a 50% gold and 50% stocks behavior, so I would have used it to artificially increase the “gold” allocation. There’s no litterature supporting that assumption of mine that I am aware of, which is to say said assumption rests on nothing.

In short, VIAC isn’t the right tool to do what you are trying to do. Others would recommand Finpension; my alternative would be to consider your whole porftolio as a single entity and hold more gold outside of the 3a, which would bring your target allocation where you want it to be.

Edit: to note that you also lack actual long term bond funds, which, when they are mixed with short term ones, can be replaced with an appropriate amount of medium term ones.


Why would you wanto wealth preservation portfolios for something you will access only in 30 years?

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Are you expecting people here to do the work for you? It’s not that hard, but if you’re not able to find funds for small caps, short and long term bonds or gold by yourself from these pretty limited pools of funds at VIAC/finpension, you should probably just stick to pre-made strategies.

Why did you narrow it down to those three portfolios? In what ways do you think are they appropriate for your investment goals?

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When asking my question I was hoping that someone used these lazy portfolios at VIAC. In addition I
think VIAC is a awful in describing their 13 bond and cash offerings and their differences.

In my main account i hate bonds, but why not take advantage of 3a tax breaks and automatic re-balancing?