Lausanne recommendations

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I left the UK last autumn and moved to the Chamonix area, and now I have been offered a permanent job in Lausanne. So we’re thinking of moving somewhere closer.

Looking for recommendations on possible towns/villages to look at. Looking for a place with a bit of space for two people working from home and some outdoor space ideally. Probably about 45 mins max travel into Lausanne and as a bonus it would have some nice mountains/hills nearby for running/climbing.

Have been looking at Villeneuve/Aigle and Vevey and a few other places, but haven’t been able to visit any of them. Any thoughts?

Bulle is 40-45 minutes from Lausanne… The city has become more dynamic since a few years. It is nested between Moléson and other prealps peaks (Vanil noir for example) that makes it ideal for hikes/climbs/ski. The Gruyère region is really beautifull. Would definitly consider Bulle if I wasn’t that attached to the Leman region.
Taxes in canton Fribourg are cheaper also. Rent is also muuch cheaper. Vaud is OK if you manage to stay under approx. 38k taxable income (net income minus all the deductions).

So many lovely places between Aubonne - Yverdon - Aigle and everything in between! I guess you can first decide whether you prefer to be closer to a lake or to a mountain.

yeah if you work mostly from home and only need to be sometime in Lausanne, definitely consider Bulle. Climbing clubs, paragliding, you will spend lot of time in the mountain and you get more square meter per chr rent compared to the arc lemanique.
But it’s 1 hour with the train (less with cars). Public transportation is not that good. Alternatively Chatel St Denis, stil fribourg, a bit small but you are near the mountains and faster into lausanne.

Thanks all, some great suggestions and I didn’t realize the advantages of Fribourg over Vaud. Hopefully it’ll be possible to cross over from France and visit some of these places in the near future!

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