Km based insurance vs transferable plates

Hello everybody!

I have 2 cars with transferable plates, and this has been a really good solution to have 2 vehicles but with limited expenses.

I’m thinking to change this setup, having both cars with plates but using a km based insurance, the costs based on my past 2 years of usage would be the same, but have both vehicles with plates allows way more freedom.

Have you ever thinking the same?
I’ve found only Zurich MyWay as a km based insurance, anyone knows more products?

Two sets of plates = twice the road tax + twice the liability insurance risk. Almost never financially worth it

There was one called kasko2go or similar.

I switched to Zurich Myway for my car at the beginning of the year. As I just started, I can’t say much more now, but the system is interesting.

I also have a camping car with its plates (and, for now, different insurance - not MyWay). I used to have transferable plates, but changing them constantly was a pain. So, having a plate for each vehicle is, of course, much easier to manage. However, I also pay the total taxes for the second vehicle. From a purely financial point of view, I don’t think it’s worth it, but you pay for convenience and flexibility.

It also depends if you do lots of kilometres with both vehicles or not. MyWay can be quite expensive if you drive a lot.

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Based on my consulting experience with many customers on that topic: they underestimate their yearly mileage heavily. Go check your milageage based on your service bills and use this to compare the costs, in my case myway would have more than doubled the insurance costs (and we drive “only” 10’000 km / year)

Rule of thumb:
Grandma, only local drives: up to 7’000 km/year
Regular driver but not for commute: up to 15’000 km/year
Regular driver + commute: up to 25’000 km/year
Taxi driver, Sales rep: up to 40’000 km/year or even more


I did my math based on my mileage and is worthy.
I did really few km in the last 5 years, less than Grandma :smiley:
Probably it is worthy because my second car is really cheap, it is the one that benefits on the transferable plates “bonus” but since the amounts are already low it makes sense only in certain conditions.

I’m not a grandma (yet), but my car (bought new) is over six years old, and I have around 27’000 km, an average of 4.5K per year. So yes, Myway is cheaper unless I dramatically change my lifestyle. I usually make the big trips in my other vehicle (camping car).