Keeping your JustETF up to date or other similar tools

Hi all,

I am struggling to keep my JustETF account up to date (basic, free account). Pretty much, I never have time to update it immediately after a deposit or a transaction, so I just come back to it every month or so and finding that its hard to manually add each transaction from the 2 accounts…

How are you guys doing that ? Or what other tools do you use to keep a good eye on your portfolio?

Notes : I use 2 accounts with Degiro (CHF and EUR). I make like 4-6 transactions each month and about 2 deposits.


Google sheets.
You can pickup live quotes from Google finance with =GOOGLEFINANCE() function.

For examplle
=GOOGLEFINANCE(SWX:VWRL) will get you the current price of VWRL from SWX (six) exchange…

=GOOGLEFINANCE(“CURRENCY:EURCHF”) will get you the EUR/CHF exchange rate.

You can write formulas as you’d do in Excel.


Hm, this is interesting.

Also opens the doors for something I am considering to work on soon : automatic calculations of what orders to put, something like : one order for value X if price will drop with 0.5%, one order for price Y if price drops to what it was Y days ago, etc. Rules have to be defined and tested. I want to just run this each day, and have my orders in place.
The point being in trying to buy when the price is in a local minimum, as much as I can. But this is a different topic.

Coming back to JustETF, the google sheet function will help and its a nice tool! but still, does not replace JustETF.

Not saying it’s easier but in case you’re not aware, this is quite useful as an alternative:


get a copy of my rebalancing sheet (building on googlefinance)

or see how it works and build you own :slight_smile:


Thank you everybody !

Very interesting indeed, I’m actually also working on developing a free web application to manage my portfolio. I’ve also been a little unhappy with JustEtf (free account) and (my own) excel spreadsheets
The main rule will be to keep things utterly simple (and pleasant to use!). I just started a week ago…
I’ll be happy to have beta-testers once it’s functional :wink:

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If Degiro app is not sufficient to track performance of the assets you hold there, you will have the same hardship with whatever alternative you go to - be it JustETF, Google Sheets, or Yahoo Finance - having to enter transactions manually.
What exactly would you like for the tool to do, to “know” when you made the transaction in a closed platform? :slight_smile:

BTW I mention Yahoo Finance because it seems to be able to link with your Interactive Brokers account (haven’t tried it yet; and not exactly helpful for the OP as he is with Degiro).

Personally, I am using Google Sheets, and only track total deposits and average purchase price - to calculate the yields (if that’s the right term).
I got:

  1. one, latest, “dashboard” sheet for overall investments across multiple platforms, to see my overall allocations
  2. then another one, which I started from, with IB only - which includes rebalancing calculations for the ETFs - but I have since been undisciplined and bought a couple of individual stock :grimacing:
  3. and third one with all the IB deposits, which is linked to the second one

I update it:

  • when I make a new deposit and purchase at IB (deposits, shares number and average purchase price)
  • here and there with latest proportions from VIAC (Global 100 strategy)

P.S. Numbers are made up :slight_smile:

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Well, for example, having multiple accounts (on degiro for now) I like to have a clear view of the total performance, distribution, etc… Just like JustETF does :slight_smile:

But to be honest, the Most important i believe is to make it very easy to import portfolios.

Count me in!
How are you planning to import the existing portfolios into the app ?

Not only to import existing ones, but it also needs to be able to track any new purchases you make - if I read you correctly above.
And not many (if any at all) can do that, because platforms are mostly closed.
As I mentioned, Yahoo Finance can link with IB - but it’s useless for your Degiro account unfortunately.
You can however import CSVs with transactions, but that is still “static”.

Correct, this is why I would be happy to just export from my closed accounts an import into any tool. Its good enough and its where most work is done actually!

Thank for the above sheet!

Check if you can export your portfolio (including transactions with dates and purchase prices) from Degiro, and convert it into a CSV fitting the format that Yahoo supports.
Then you might be able to import that into Yahoo.

Well, I’m open to all ideas. Basically, a CSV import could be done, to import a full list in one go, otherwise I would imagine the following : you buy something with your broker, and right after, you enter the same data into the web app through a simple form. Stock / ETF ticker, number of shares, price, asset class etc. Then, the web app does all the computation to keep you informed about when and how to rebalance, telling you the current value and updated asset allocation.
I don’t plan to automatically link it to some broker’s API. Just plain simple. By the way, I’m on DeGiro as well.

So here’s the current (crude) status : (you’ll only see the login page for now, but you get the taste…). It’s running Django/Python under the hood. I can easily get quotes from
The website may be slow to load at times, that’s a side effect of being free (see the details if you’re interested :

(Btw, it has nothing to do with justinvest .com)

Did you have a look at Portfolio Performance (linked earlier)? It might be doing most parts of what you want already.

  • It does CSV imports, some german bank statements, IB activity statement - or manually, which is what I do. I don’t do that many trades to want this automated. It’s actually like a nice double check if things happened the way you expected them, including dividends, taxes etc.
  • Currently it’s a desktop app, but they are working on a mobile app.
  • it’s open source (and free of course). So anyone can help with fixes and new features.
  • It also has a large community already, so that helps keeping it up to date and helps with user questions.
  • currently it’s all offline. Which I actually like, I’m not a big fan of having all my financial information in the cloud. But with their mobile app they discussed some way of syncing it.
    • the quotes can be reloaded on request, so it’s not all offline of course
  • once you have the data in the tool, it is very versatile. You can organize the portfolio along an arbitrary number of ‘taxonomies’. Eg you can group it by risk type, or by country allocation, or currency exposure, whatever you want. The data for this of course you have to enter manually, once. But once you have it you get a complete up to date picture of your exposure. You can also manage any mutual fund this way, given you enter the data from their factsheet. Or even pension fund if you feel like tracking their risk exposure in your portfolio too (eg you assume how many % of stock of which country it has and just enter that in a taxonomy and done)
  • it handles different currencies automatically (you let it know the rate via a specific security), so everything is calculated back to your base currency
  • it draws a chart of your portfolio performance (well, that was kind of obvious given its name) and compares it against any benchmark you want - including the country specific inflation (eg switzerland inflation), very handy.
  • it has a very sexy pie chart which allows you to zoom into your portfolio at any taxonomy level you want.
  • it has a dividend view, which shows you how dividends developed through the month/quarter/year compared to last year etc.
  • plus it has rebalancing support: you can give taxonomies ‘weights’, which it compares with ‘actual’ weights and tells you how much you’re above or below the target.
  • the whole thing is stored in an XML file. Which you can use any way you want, including a backup for example.
  • and yes, if something’s missing and you’re a developer I assume they more than open for new features.

I actually see this as my long term way of managing my portfolio

Just saying…


Yes, thanks, I just discovered ‘Portfolio Performance’ via this thread. I’ll take a closer look. (Btw is it only in German?). It looks indeed very powerful.

The thing is, I’ll make my version also just as a programming exercise (I’ve got a hackathon coming up this month, so I need to practice!)… the cool feature is, being a website, it’s cross-platform and can also look good on a mobile phone (using dedicated javascript libraries) and users won’t need to bother about updates. Then, of course, it’s in the cloud, but nobody will know if the data is real or simulated…
Another aspect is, I should do a slightly different version as well for someone close to me who starts to do “Swing Trading” using a specific strategy, which my webapp would implement and partially automate (the computation and decision making part).

I recommend

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Thanks for the link. Looks good.
Do you use it with the free plan ?

yes, the only thing which is missing is comparison with benchmark

I opened an account…