JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Equity ETF (TER = 0.02%)

Dear all,
Reading the newspapper yesterday found what could be the cheapest TER ETF in the market.
I leave you the site for your reference. I am quite new in the world so I would be happy to read your comments and opinions.

Fund Facts

Ticker: BBUS


Asset Class U.S. Equity

Fund Inception Date 03/12/2019

Exchange EXN-CGM

Thanks in advance.

The very smal AUM of $25.4mn means the liquidity is poor and spreads are high. It’s also missing Small Cap stocks. The average inverstor will be much better served with VTI which costs 0.04% but has much better liquidity and is much more diversified. I’ll follow up with BID/ASK prices for both once the market opens.

BID 50.23
ASK 51.53

spread 2.6%

BID 144.96
ASK 145.13

spread 0.1%