Jeff Bezos FIREs!

Jeff joins the FIRE party!



Curious where the stock will go…

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This comments will come anyway so I want to be first.

Dude 57 is way to early to retire. You never know what happens and it’s hard to rejoin the workforce in that age. He should work some more years to have at least more than Elon - just to be sure.


He wanted to FIRE in 2019, but he had to do “one more year” because of the expensive divorce. Let’s hope his SWR of 0.000004% works out for him!


With the current valuations and low yields I’m not sure if his SWR of 0.000004% per year will work. He could run out of money within 25 years.


You sound like my parents

Anyway, I’m so happy for Jeff. He’s proving to the FIRE community that early retirement is possible. You just have to work hard!


assuming a time-linear trend for Jeff’s wealth, and a modest FIRE sum of 5 million, he could have FIREd already at an age of 2.8 years days.


Stonks always go up! :wink:

It will be interesting at which pace he continues to cash out his shares (you can see his activity here) and how he is doing in the race to purchase farmland.
Currently Bill Gates is leading the pack!

Bill Gates is buying farmland? But why?

For instance this article in Forbes:
America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates

Why? They must have an incentive to convert their paper wealth in real wealth.

But why farmland. Maybe he treats farmland like a better version gold: you can buy it cheap, it cannot be stolen, and there is actually use for it.

But 242,000 acres does not seem like sooo much, it’s just under 1000 km^2, or a square of 33x33 km. In USA that’s like a small-sized county.

Contrary to gold it yields something. Agricultural commodities are not yet too much impacted by the asset inflation.

It’s perhaps just the beginning…

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Stupid question: doesn’t ‘reching the point of FIRE’ mean that from now on, I can do what I want with my remaining time (including continuing to work). I assume he must have fun at his job, otherwise he’d changed something about it.

That’s FI. The RE part means that you shouldn’t work at your “normal” day job. (RE = retire early)


For people like Gates or Bezos, it’s not enough to become among the richest people in the world. They want to stay in that group.
It would be interesting to know in which other “exotic” assets they are investing as well.

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