Issues to transfer from PostFinance to Revolut

Quick question … I’m having an issue getting a transfer to go through from PostFinance to Revolut. I searched around a bit on the forum but couldn’t find something for specifically this issue.

I’d like to do a top up & I don’t want to pay the fee now that they charge on card transactions. But the two sides don’t seem to be able to talk to one another.

Revolut is expecting a “reference”, which PostFinance will not allow you to specify (as it is reserved for the QR-Bill). I’ve tried a few different solutions with the “Message to Recipient” but no luck.

It is entirely possible that I am making a mistake but I’m curious if anyone else has had a similar issue and/or found a workaround.

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What Revolut calls ‘reference’ goes into the ‘message to recipient’ in post finance portal / app. Worked for me a few days ago.

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Hi @Quasiconvex,

I did a transfer from PostFinance to revolut via Credit Suisse last month and everything went well.

This what I’ve used:
Recipient’s account:
CH37 0483 5284 2385 2300 0

Recipient bank:
Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG
Zürich, Switzerland

First name and last name or company name:

Great Britain


Note: I didn’t put any postcode

Message to recipient:
number, my name, CH


The problem sometimes is the amount of characters available in the phone app for the reference number. Do it from the desktop ebanking in that case