ISIN and ETF tickers


Are these codes the same across all platforms? Or (is there any site to search/compare them?)

My concern is “What am I really buying?”

I know lots of ETFs were removed from degiro, but I think some are “remapped” from foreign exchanges to local (EU) ones. ie:

“VOO - Vanguard S&P 500 ETF” => If I am not wrong is equivalent to => “VUSA - Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF” (ISIN: IE00B3XXRP09) on EAM.

Can anyone explain the mechanics behind this?

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


According to this page, ISIN does not depend of the exchange on which a security is listed. So if two funds are the same, then they should have the same ISIN.

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ISIN is a key that uniquely identifies a security across the whole World. You can’t go wrong with ISIN.

Stock Exchange ticker is a key unique only in the scope of a given stock exchange. That’s why when you have Vanguard S&P 500 ETF traded on London Stock Exchange, the GBP version has a ticker VUSA, but the USD version has the ticker VUSD (the same for All-World: VWRL vs VWRD).

What you often see, is a ticker combined with the stock exchange key, which makes it then unique again. Like VUSA:LN (London), VUSA:SW (Swiss) etc.


Thanks Bojack. I am going to stick with ISIN.

Any tip what free site to use regarding ETF analysis? (Degiro is dam too lean)