Is VTI a good choice?

Hello everybody,

First off, I would like to thank you because since I follow this forum I learnt so much. You are an inexhaustible source of information.

I see that most people discuss VT and very few VTI. As I already had SWDA (with Degiro and after having read Collins I started buying VTI thru IBKR.
Would you consider VTI a good choice?

This is my current portfolio:


VTI, 31K

2 pillar (FINPENSION, 80% actions; 10% obligation; 8% real estate; 2% cash), 4K

3 pillar (FINPENSION, 99% actions only in III equity World ex CH Quality-Pension Fund DB), 14K

Please let me know what you think about VTI and this allocation.


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vti is u.s. only - i’d guess you’re aware of that and want to be oberweight usa?


What is your investment strategy ?
What is your target allocation ?

SWDA Already contains US market for 67% of the etf.
What is your objective by over investing in the US market ?
Why not investing everything in SWDA and sell VTI ?

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