Is the migros credit card equal to a UBS or CS credit card?

Hello guys,
I may ask a question that has already been discussed in other posts, yet, surfing the forum I could not find an answer to it.

Is the migros credit card equal to a UBS or CS credit card?
is fully accepted, for instance, when renting a car?

Which major differences, a part from being cheaper, are there?

What about the various insurances proposed by the UBS or CS Vs the migros one?

It’s a normal credit card and as such accepted where credit cards are accepted.


What matters is the processing network (here, Visa, which is the most accepted one worldwide for credit cards) and the fact that it is a regular credit card (as opposed to a debit card or a prepaid credit card).

So, as stated by Sandro, no difference other than design with another Visa from another bank, except for the fees (including forex), reward program and insurances.

As for insurances, they differ from card to card and should be checked individually. I personally prefer to buy my insurances as a dedicated product and use my credit card as a mean to pay for things on credit. It may be slightly more expensive at times but it ensures that I only get what I truly need and helps avoid some traps set up by the financial industry, as well as making my life simpler.

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