Is it worth it to switch to IB now, considering investing into US ETF may not be possible 2022?

Hello everyone

I started investing with Degiro into VWCE a few months ago and i now only have 10k invested with them. I will be adding another 3k every month though.

From this blog i learned, that US ETF in generell have more advantages and id like to invest with IB. I heard that in 2022 we wont be able to invest into US ETF anymore though so the Change would be usless next year?

Is it wort to switch to IB now or should i stick to Degiro for this year and see what happens with IB in 2022 or should i just switch right now?

Thank you

Not correct n/or known yet.

P.S. So many threads touching on the topic, use the search function first; only then open new ones please.


Im sorry but im having trouble with the search function on my phone. It doesnt show me any results.

Should there be a pinned post regarding the potential US ETF change. I wouldn‘t know where to post the answer or look for the answer anymore.
@Bojack @Julianek

I’m generally not for pinning threads. A pinned thread should interest everybody. There was once the idea of putting FAQ in a wiki, but it takes time and it’s hard to find volunteers to summarize the knowledge shared on this forum.

I’d be for pinning a FAQ thread where we put a question and then a very shirt answer with a link to the relevant thread.

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