Is It Feasible to Contribute More Than the Maximum Deductible to the Third Pillar?

Hello everyone,

I’m considering contributing more than the maximum deductible limit to my third pillar account and have a couple of questions:

  1. Tax Reduction Beyond the Deductible Limit: If I contribute more than the maximum deductible amount (CHF 7,056 with a pension fund or CHF 35,280 without), does the excess amount still count towards reducing my total taxable net worth? My goal is to lower my taxable net worth, and I’m curious if contributions beyond these limits can help with that.
  2. Using Third Pillar as Collateral for House Purchase: I plan to purchase a house in the near future. Can I use the entire balance of my third pillar, including any contributions beyond the deductible limit, as collateral for the mortgage?

Any insights or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Only if you become self-employed.

No, and it’s not legal to contribute over the limit (the provider will have to send the money back once they learn about it).


Thank you guys.

Self-employed has a different maximum level, but you cannot exceeed this either :wink:


you can achieve something similar with optional contribution to the 2nd pillar. You have lower returns usually since you cannot invest in ETF, but whatever you contirbute reduces your income for taxation. The money you put is frozen for home purchase for 3 years. So if your plan says that in 5 years you are buying a home, it totally makes sense to contribute on top of 3a into the 2nd pillar to reduce taxation (particularly if you have high income) since the money will be stuck at “lower return” only for 5 years. There is the risk if you don’t buy the home though :wink: