Is IB unrealised P&L right?

Hi, i saw many other posts of people complaining about this, but I still haven’t fully understood whether it’s correct or not.
As far as I understood the unrealised p&l represents the profit I would make if I had to liquidate everything. I have deposited a total of 34100chf (I even doubled checked all the transactions to be sure), so if I were to sell everything (36808chf) I should make a profit of ~2708chf.

But the value is instead 1593, more than a 1000 short.

Can anyone help me make sense of this?

Thanks in advance, have a wonderful night!

The P&L for VT is calculated in USD and shown in CHF at the current exchange rate.


If you add the column for the average price, you should be able to compute ( 'Last' - 'Avg Price' ) x 'Position' = 'Unrealized P&L', which should match your number. Pretty straightforward, but maybe not what you were looking for.

The net liquidation value on the other hand includes everything in your account, including the cash you have. Cash is not part of the unrealized P&L calculation, so right there you get a difference of 258.65 vs. what you calculated. Also, if you ever sold some stock, had transaction fees or margin loan interest, it will affect this calculation as well.


The CHF 1000 difference is probably currency gains. If CHF-to-USD lost as little as 2.7% in your time frame, that would explain it.

By buying and holding VT (US stocks), you held USD. You bet that a) VT would improve and b) USD would improve against CHF. You made 2708 CHF profit. Of those 1593 CHF is from VT gaining value, and 1000 CHF is from USD appreciating against CHF.


Ah this makes much more sense now.

Thanks everyone for the replies!