Is degiro trustworthy?


I just happened to find this page and more where there seem to be some real problems with degiros practices :

Yes it’s 2015 but in the update on the article it seems the problem were never solved.

I had already chosen degiro as my broker. But now I’m not so sure anymore…

Did anyone else find this?

why not simply go with IB?

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I must have read that link back in '15 or '16…

Seems irrelevant for buy&hold ETF investing.

I stumbled upon this post yesterday:
What do you think of that? It really freaked me out!

Initially, I wanted to open a Degiro account since I’ve got less than CHF 100’000 to invest for now, but after reading that appalling post, I think I’m gonna opt for IB (even though it’s gonna cost me USD 10 per month).

Also, knowing that transferring a portfolio from Degiro to IB seems to be a tedious task, I would, instead, start with IB right from the beginning.

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Interesting point of view.
Have you ran the same analysis for IB?

If you followed that guy’s advice, you would probably end up with SQ/CT or some other CH-based broker. :slight_smile: