Is anyone using Charles Schwab as a Swiss investor?

I’ve read an old thread about Charles Schwab on this site but it didn’t answer my question. As I don’t currently meet the account minimum for Interactive Brokers to not pay monthly fees, I’m looking at Charles Schwab as an alternative. In the meantime I’ve been using Trading212, I’m happy with their service but as my portfolio grows larger I will switch to a more reputable broker. (p.s. shoot me a pm for a referral link so we both get a free share)

Is anybody using Charles Schwab to invest in ETFs? If yes, is it possible to buy US domiciled funds like VTI from Switzerland? And am I correct to assume that you will incure a 1% currency exchange fee for amounts under 100’000?

Hello there,

Regarding Interactive Brokers, you now have IBKR LITE, which I think does not have any monthly fee. Degiro should also works fine for you. If you choose that, I am happy to send you a referal.

you can’t use the LITE offer as a Swiss resident, only US resident.


I have a Schwab international account. You can transfer in via Revolut or Transferwise I assume but I am just using old US funds from when I lived there for a few years. Yes to VTI.

On that note, does anybody know another US broker like IB, that allows cheap currency conversions in a DIY fashion? Schwab looks big, nice and professional, but I never opened an account because all is USD only.

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