Is anybody sharing a spotify account?

I was looking for ways to lower my spotify subscription fee. I found many solutions on the net, like buying gift cards, purchasing accounts, but most of the proposals I come across seem very doubtful. I am ok with gray market to some extent, but I can easily imagine these guys re-selling stuff purchased with pirated credit cards or fake paypal accounts.

I have just learned about account sharing and that sounds like a reasonable solution to me. Does anyone have experience with this?

Kind regards

I share a “family” account with some friends.
No troubles until now.

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Same here since 2016 – no issues.

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Sounds like a good plan then. Just need to find a couple of other people to join.
If anybody has a free slot or would consider creating a group, I’m interested.

Use a VPN so that it looks like you’re from Turkey (or another country with low low pricing for that service) when signing up for the service and you’ll be charged a lot less than in here. After signing up, you don’t need the VPN anymore.

I pay so little for the biggest Netflix and the lossless Tidal family plan, it’s ridiculous. Highly recommended. You get the same content as anyone else, because what’s available to you is based on the IP you’re streaming from, not the country you signed up in.


I am sharing a family account with friends, but I did not sucess with VPN. Spotify seems to check if your credit card is issued in the country you are trying to register. I tried to open a spotify account in Philippines but was blocked with payment…

Could you let us know if you find a way to pay less with VPN trick ?

I have two slots in my swiss family account, if you are interested contact me (Price: 60 CHF per slot, 12 months).

20.95x12 /6 = 41.90
Mustachians Here :wink:

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A nice member had a free slot available and offered me to join for 50.

I understand that, as the account owner and the person taking the (unlikely) risk of being banned, you may want to charge a little more.

I have the risk to get banned and also have the work to add or remove the members and refund it, so my price is 60 CHF

Hi there
So far, I used Tidal with a turkish subscription. A few days ago, I received an email that they are stopping to providing services for turkish subscribers.

May I ask what tricks/hacks the community currently uses to get music streaming services (spotify, tidal, whatsoever) cheaper?


Use a university email address to get various student subscriptions :wink:

Not a student anymore > 10 yrs, but good old times…
Do Alumni mailaddresses also work?

I don’t know. Well, I’m also not a student anymore in the classic sense, but I regularly do some kind of “continuous education” with various institutes, so I get some addresses. Some services allow you to use 1 address only 1 time for 1 year to get a cheaper subscription. But I studied with various institutes, so various different addresses and one time I was even lucky and a University changed their emails to another subdomain because they switched from G Suite to M365, so I could use the new email again to get a cheaper 1 year subscription. So I got cheaper music subscriptions for many years, 1 year free YNAB, and probably other services which I can’t remember right now. I also haven’t paid for an M365 subscription for years :slight_smile:

Some people forget they can also use that email address to get cheaper subscriptions even though they are not an undergrad full-time student anymore but also when they work full-time and just do some postgrad studies / MBA / coursework / certificate or whatever on the side.

You can do the same trick with Spotify. Get a vpn and buy Spotify in Argentina or India or wherever it’s cheapest.

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