Investing vested account 2nd pillar myself

I am employed and wonder about my 2nd pillar and vested account - do I have any say myself or is it all down to the employer and the provider they choose?

You can‘t do anything outside of what the employer provides I‘m afraid

What’s your specific question?

Employers might provide some choices and options (though in practice very little for the non-senior employee). You can often make voluntary pay-ins to your pension fund (up to a certain maximum).

As for your vested benefits account, you can chose the provider and type of account or investment strategy - though you would (generally) be required to have your benefits to your new employer’s pension fund upon becoming insured with it.

I guess I am having the same question:

All my 2nd pillar money is in the account at the Pensionskasse that my employer chose. With every change of employer I transferred my money as asked to the new Pensionskasse of the new employer.

So as far as I understand I can not transfer that money (for example to VIAC) and choose myself how it is invested?

As long as you are employed, you can’t move this money from the provider chose by your employer to a vested account. You will be able to do it once you are unemployed for whatever reason (termination, unemployment insurance, early retirement).

…as is the legal requirement.

…though once you become insured with a pension fund again, you have to close your vesting accounts (such as VIAC) and transfer the funds back into your new pension fund.

In practice though, that’s the part that’s hardly enforced (so far).

Thank you very much, that sounds clear to me.

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