Investing through Angelist /

I am considering to invest in a startup through Angelist /

Did any of you already did it? Is it possible from Switzerland?

most likely US-market only. I think to be eligible for VC-like investments, swiss domiciled persons need to be classified as “qualified investors”, see also (FAQ section).

Yes it is possible for Switzerland. They are interesting but high risk and no liquidity for years.
Check carefully the valuations, sometimes they are crazy high.

As kane has mentioned I think that Angel require you to be qualified investors.
It means to have net worth exceeding $1 million OR income >$250K ()

This year SEC has allowed Crowdfunding up to 5M for everyone.
the platforms that I’m using are:

unless you are interested in a specific startup or syndicate you can also check out seedrs. This is a UK platform with mostly European startups. I’ve done this and it is quite simple. They also have a secondary market so you don’t need a startup to exit to make money. This is useful and it also allows you to invest into companies that are not actively seeking investment

Thanks for your reply.

I end up investing as it’s a specific project only available in the USA. Now I am a bit confused. In order to claim a special tax treatment with Swiss residency, I need to confirm the following things

  • Treaty Article
  • Withholding rate %

Do you know by any chance what should I reply there?

Are you sure you need to check that box? Unless it’s special income it’s probably not necessary.

You are right. I believe it’s optional.

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