Investing podcasts


Hi Mustachians!

Do you have any recommendation on interesting podcasts on investing and finance?

I’ve created a list of best episodes of my favorite podcast Bloomberg Masters in Business (by Barry Ritholtz):

Among guests are Jack Bogle, Burton Malkiel, Richard Thaler, Daniel Kahneman, William Sharpe, Charlie Ellis, Jason Zweig, Roger Lowenstein or Michael Lewis.


Great idea to share the podcasts!

I listen to these two podcasts in German:

And these Youtube playlists:

Talks at Google / Investors:


Not really related to investing (although totally related to decision making), this is my favorite podcast by far :

By the way, the farnam street website is totally worth it as well.

Among the episodes, I really recommand the one with Naval Ravikant, it contains so many nuggets of wisdom :slight_smile:


Really good stuff. I loved it. Thanks for sharing @Julianek.


Great podcast, thanks for sharing. I will have to listen to it again and take down some notes.


Hi Everyone!

I can recommend the Dough Roller Money PodCast by Rob Berger.
Give it a try and tell me what you think:


I also like this one:

And also

When you listen to all these old episodes you see how bad experts are at predicting what will happen in the future based on the recent news.


The last episode of the Knowledge Project (Farnam Street) is out and it is really good!

If you are interested in decision making, and how to take decision in an uncertain environment then you are likely to learn some stuffs here :slight_smile: High quality content, as usual at Farnam Street…


Thanks, I’ll check it out !

By the way, I sometimes listen to The Minimalists podcast. It’s pretty much about frugality, many subjects discussed, including personal finance. Actually I think I heard about it from one of @_MP 's posts…


Naval Ravikant was great in The Tim Ferriss Show as well! :slight_smile:


A personal finance podcast I enjoy is Listen Money Matters: