Investing in Uranium

Here and there I see opinions that Uranium has just changed its long-term trend, so I think about investing a bit through some ETF. Is anyone doing it already? If yes, which ETF you have chosen and why?

The same could be said about Silver, no?

I hope so, because I’m invested there since ~May 2020 (through ZSIL). Plus - looking from technical analysis perspective, potential for uranium looks higher at this point. Hence my question about best ETF. I guess the best idea is to go with ETF backed by physical uranium. Sprott?

Yes, I invested in UEC (went well in the last weeks). Alone in China there are building >50 (!!) reactors. I think the transition to green will take a bit longer than expected.

P.S: I also was invested last year in Palladium (ZPAL) that also seems to suffer a trend-change now. There I am less optimistic as 80% of Palladium is used in catalytic converters.


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Yes. But only according to my own IPS :wink:

I found URNM a very good low maintenance ETF with relatively high exposure to miners as URA got a bit diluted over the years.

Another good vehicle could be the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust but that one did not exist when I first looked into this market.

What’s your strategy to get exposure to uranium? I feel the narrative is quite strong for the upcoming years.

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To be honest, I don’t have any strategy, it would be rather buy now and sell in few months, if it goes hopefully up ;).

Maybe you red too much on reddit about Uranium :slight_smile:

If you don‘t have a strategy, I would stay away from it… or do more research why it would be a good investment. Also, you should consider what the fair price of Uranium would be so you can define your entry and exit points.

My personal opinion is that I don‘t invest in non-productive assets - including Uranium.

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This commodity investment are often based on uranium futures and same as oil (WTI) will be impacted by the contango effect

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I feel you! Read up! You must understand the narrative of the market before you invest. Some pointers to deep dive:

  • Understand Supply: What’s produced, what mines are active, what future mines are planned, etc.
  • Understand Demand: What’s currently used, what reactors are planned, what’s the narrative regarding CO2 neutral energy, how much electricity will be produced by other means, etc.
  • Understand Market Players: Who’s buying, who’s selling
  • Understand Reserves: Above ground, below ground

If you understand those factors you will see that your time horizon must be longer term than a few months. It’s not bitcoin and not GME :wink:


Thanks for all the comments. To be honest I don’t have time and willingness to spent too much time on it. This means that I would rather invest the amount I can forget about it for long time if it goes wrong. :wink:

Lol I did exactly that and checking the uranium guy posts.
I put something in UUUU

Since last year it seems to be an amazingly good “strategy”. Very bizarre times we live in.

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