Investing in EUR + Zak Bank

Good evening everyone, I currently have UBS as a bank account and I would like to switch to a more interesting one, especially to be able to send EUR to an exchange ( Binance) without paying higher fees.

From what I understood with Zak bank the SEPA transfer is free, so I just need to exchange my CHF to EUR and send them for free. Did anyone try yet? Is it worth having the Zak bank to then be able to send EUR without paying high fees?

Thanks :grinning:

SEPA bank transfer from UBS to another SEPA account should cost max. 0.30 CHF (but free in some banking packages). If you do the payment from ZAK, it’s free. So you can save 0.30 CHF per payment with ZAK. Maybe. Depending on your UBS package.

Are you going to fare better with ZAK? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the currency exchange rates and costs for currency conversion.

This will most likely be the main factor in terms of cost.
Neither UBS nor ZAK will be particularly cheap on that.

Generally, using a non-Swiss intermediary or account (such as Revolut or TransferWise) will be less expensive for currency conversion and thus likely less expensive overall.
In your particular case however, Binance as a cryptocurrency exchange (i.e. “high-risk” beneficiary) - or any sending payment providers - might not like you sending from a non-bank account and/or an account not held in your name (it is in fact prohibited by TransferWise AFAIK) for compliance reasons.

Why not stay with UBS and use Transferwise?

I edited my previous post before I saw yours

Cryptocurrency companies are are explicitly discouraged / “unsupported” by TransferWise’s Acceptable Use Policy (albeit not strictly forbidden). It’s probably still one of the more likely ways to get restricted or banned by them.

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Sending money in EUR from Revolut to Binance works like a charm and arrives in seconds.

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I can’t find Switzerland as a supported country on Revolut website tho…

O.o I use it since almost 3 years w/o issues. Just try to sign up, it’s free in the end.

I will try now then, its just that Switzerland is not listed on the Countries at the bottom of the page where you can choose your country.
How is your experience with revolut then ? I can send money from UBS to Revolut without huge fees and then just send EUR to binance?

Switzerland disappeared …about a year ago?
Someone must have noticed that it‘s not an EEA member state …again.

Yes exactly this is why i was not sure if Revolut was available here. I managed to open an account with the app tho!

Yes, without any.
(Be it via account transfer or credit card)

Perfect! Thank you :grinning:

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