Investing for teenagers

My 14, soon to be 15 y/o nephew is interested in stocks, investments & savings. He’s played with some demo Forex accounts and wants to give it a try with real money.

  1. Is it legal for someone his age to be trading stocks & ETFs in CH?
  2. Are there any brokers that allow underage teenagers to signup? He’s into eToro since they offer demo accounts.
  3. Could you recommend a bank account with a free bank account & a free debit card? He obviously doesn’t have income (other than pocket money, gifts & occasional eBay sales) and doesn’t want to spend tens of CHF for bank accounts & brokers. From my understanding this is not something that Neon & Cler Zak offer so he needs to look into mainstream banks.
  4. Are there any implications I’m missing? (taxes, etc?)

Thank you!


No. Art. 17 and 19 CC/ZGB.

Where does he live ? Lots of banks are not everywhere.

All his assets and transactions are to be added to his parents tax declaration. If he was working, I think he could/should have his own tax declaration.

I wouldnt do it for tax reasons, especially if you are still included in your parents taxes…

One thing a lot of traders dont get is that afaik you have to list every movement in your Wertschriftenverzeichnis if you want to fill out your taxes correctly

Excuse my missing `if i use it with an s it changes the layout. (Teach me! have a qwertz)

Afaik Revolut has a product for teenagers “Revolut Junior” besides the one time cost for the debit card there are no additional costs. Neon & Zak are for free too and should be able to open an account with his parents approval.

That seems unfortunate. Thanks for the reference!


Great, thanks for the reminder. His parents don’t have it but I guess it’s up to him to work on that.

Neon allows accounts from 16, Cler ZAK from 15.

Interesting. Revolut Junior seems to be from 7 to 17, so that one would work.

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