Investing and China

For some reasons I’m getting a lot of suggestions on youtube for videos about the current situation in China. I knew already some of the contents and I believe there will be internal corrections. I’m not sure if it can be perceived on their stock market. Anyway… anyone is investing in China or agains China?
I googled it a bit and found some unsuccessful ETF and also this:



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Only via World ETF, so basically market cap exposure for me.

What is investing in China? VXUS and VT have very little (3-6%) direct China exposure. China specific ETFs accesible to us in Switzerland are limited. You can’t buy A-shares (.cn citizens only, capital controls). HKEX listed companies aren’t the same as A-shares and ADRs on NYSE and elsewhere are typically referencing the HKEX listings and similar shenanigans.

If there is a good, cheap, overall China ETF accessible to us which isn’t 25% Tencent and 40% BABA/PDD/JD ADRs, I’d love to hear it. On other hand, A-shares aren’t performing.

FXI if you believe in them
YXI if not. After hearing all the doom and gloom I was expecting YXI to perform better, though.

You could buy developing market ETFs. Some have a very large China component. e.g. VWO.

I’ve switched my slight overweight in EM from VWO to EMXC, but am still invested in China through VT.