Invest regularly

Hello everyone, I was curious to know how regularly you invest. Do you invest every month after paycheck or more frequent than this?

I currently do once a month in IB but was curious to know others…

Do you avoid or prefer any specific day of the week? Thanks

Couple of times a month. It’s different funds/assets though.

Once every trimester, around the 15th of the month. But it’s strictly passive investing.
No preference for a specific day of the week, but I try to only trade when the markets are open.

Once a month. @thepoorswiss did the math on his blog :grin:

I invest every month so that the balance on my bank account is at ~1500chf before I receive the next salary.

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Usually once a month. No preferred day, but usually when I have some free time before work.

As soon as money comes in, so usually once a month.

[quote=“mabi, post:7, topic:5541, full:true”]
As soon as money comes in, so usually once a month.
[/quote]. …

Same here

Payday is the 20th, so once a month on that day. Viac is invested on 1st afterwards though.

As others, I evaluate my portfolio distribution after my paycheck. If there’s a tilt towards cash (due to the paycheck) I rebalance into stocks. Not the other way though

Once a month (25th) when received the paycheck.

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