Invest money into Pillar 3a or RSU from bank?

Hello guys

I have a Pillar 3a in which I invest 250-300 bucks in monthly. I can also buy RSUs from my company and they give me 1 share for every 3 shares purchases.

My income is roughly 60k.

What is more advisable? Take the tax cuts from Pillar 3a, or invest in the RSUs from the company? They are locked for 3 years and if I leave before that, I lose the bonus shares which haven’t vested yet.

There’s no general answer to that. A few thoughts:

  • With your relatively low income, the income tax savings from 3a will not be that significant.
  • Do you believe in the company you are working for, to provide better returns than the stock market?
  • Did you consider to invest the money yourself rather than 3a or RSU?
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I am working for UBS so I’d guess it could go either way.

My 3a is with finpension 99% stocks.

Due to regulations I can only invest using the UBS platforms which are pricey and i’d rather fill up my 3a or get ubs stock.

It sounds like UBS shares are the better option to me - instant 33% return.

What is your marginal tax rate? Remember you do not “save” all the tax, it is a deferral. You will usually have to pay taxes when you withdraw from 3 Pillar, at a special rate (you can look it up on Finpension site)

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