Interviews worth listening

Starting a new thread to share recent interviews that are interesting and thoughtful:

Jeremy Grantham on Invest Like the Best (June 9, 2020)

Robert Arnott on Wealth Track (May 22, 2020)


Totally agree with @covfefe on Jeremy Grantham. I have not listened to Robert Arnott yet.

Jeremy is 81 years old and his wisdom as well as his straight talk are refreshing. The podcast is choked full with learning nuggets of which I would like to enumerate a few:

  1. Characterizing major stock market events since 2000 and the bust of the internet bubble. Things really might be different the next time

  2. Compound growth as a basis of economy is unrealistic and works only short-term. Egypt with its 3000-year history would have tanked, had they been growing at 1% per year.

  3. Big corporations are not thinking about our grandchildren and allowing soils to degrade, climate to change, resources to be depleted and humans to become less fertile

  4. Explanations for cheap commodity prices and future outlook

  5. Things get interesting at the fringes of disciplines. Scientists and economists don’t know enough of each other and there is room for analysis and critical thinking, as has been demonstrated by the various reactions of governments to the coronavirus crisis.