Interesting insights from Blackrock

A bunch of interesting stats and figures available here:


thanks, it seems they would like to lean toward ESG. let see if we really want to pay more fees!

I add another Wealth report from Credit Suisse, it has just been updated for 2020.
Is also interesting as you can see how countries fared during this crisis.

Interesting note from the above linked CS Wealth Report “More than half of Swiss
adults have assets above USD 100,000, and 884,000 were USD millionaires at end-2019”

For net wealth, do they consider home equity as well?

Very likely. I would be surprised if not. Probably wealth numbers from tax filings but ignoring the debt.

It’s there under definitions - *Net worth, or “wealth,” is defined as the value of financial assets plus real assets (principally housing) owned by households, minus their *
*debts. This corresponds to the balance sheet *
*that a household might draw up, listing the items *
*which are owned, and their net value if sold. *
*Private pension fund assets are included, but not *
*entitlements to state pensions. Human capital is *
*excluded altogether, along with assets and debts *
*owned by the state (which cannot easily be *
assigned to individuals).

That would be a strange way to define Net Worth, no?

More like gross worth :smiley: glad you found the definition in there. So looks like I’m somewhat half way there…

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It is correct if you are using “Fiscal value” for Real Estate ( as for Taxes), because the debt is accounted with “real value”. Or your net worth will be negative.
In Switzerland the “Fiscal value” for RE is way below the Commercial value and it vary a lot depending on the canton, in the range from 30% to 80%.

Imho the best way it to account for home equity only, but probably this data is hard to find.

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