Interesting African ETFs

Hi there

Has somebody already evaluated African ETF?
I am planning to check possible investment options and thought that somebody might have some useful tips.

Many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

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There are some country-specific ones like (down 71% since inception :anguished: …but current P/E ratio of 5!) which I used to have a small position in. Beware that in addition to lots of volatility and currency risk, markets in some countries (e.g., Nigeria, Angola) will be hugely affected by changes in oil prices.

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Frontier Markets is probably what you are interested in?

Thanks a lot, @chca and @Double_A. I will check it out

We already discussed Frontier:

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Yes. There are basically just two broad ones. AFK (US-Listed) and XMKA (IE-listed). I’d pick the second one.

For individual countries, you are limited to three largest markets/ETFs, Nigeria (NGE), Egypt (EGPT) and South Africa (EZA).

Otherwise, you could go with broader frontier market ETFs such as FM and DX2Z.


Thanks a lot for the great input!