Interactive Brokers, which reports needed for tax declaration?

Dear mustachians, I searched through the forum but couldn’t find which reports I need to fill out the taxes @ interactive brokers,

could anybody help me?
Thank you in advance

I’ve probably written about before on the forum - but can’t find it at the moment. What I’m not doing is trying to use documents for U.S. tax purposes for my Swiss tax return.

I am using a custom statement, generated via client portal (Menu -> Reports /Tax Docs -> Statements)

Statement Type Activity

Account Information
Bond Interest
Broker Interest
Financial Instrument Information
Net Asset Value
Open Positions
Withholding Tax

Section Configurations
Profit and Loss None
Breakout Positions into Long and Short? No
Combine by Underlying (MTD/YTD only)? No
Display Canceled Trades? No
Group Buys and Sells per Symbol in Trades Section? No
Hide Details for Positions, Trades and Client Fees Sections? No
Replace Account ID with Account Alias? Yes


thank you so much! that is really helpful

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