Interactive Brokers totally useless?

I’m writing because I struggle to find ETFs on the interactive brokers app. I’m used to degiro which is very easy, but with interactive broker’s I do not even find any ETFs when using the the search function. I tried to type in either the name of the etf or the ISIN number or the Valorennumber, but it does not show any results. Has anyone a clue what’s wrong.
Many thanks in advance for helpful ideas!

You may want to use IBKR‘s contract search.

While I can understand the frustration and share the notion that IBKR is more geared towards professionals and not that easy to use compared to others, you could have toned down and chosen a thread title that details your actual problem or question more specifically (such as „how to find ETF/instrument at Interactive Brokers“). :wink:


This should help: Buy an ETF on Interactive Brokers - Mustachian Post

Searching for the ticker does not work for you? (e.g. VT)

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