Interactive Brokers to Google Sheets


I would like to get real time (read only) data from my IB account into Google Sheets, mostly for portfolio tracking purposes. I tried a lot of things already:

  • I am aware I can replicate a portfolio in Google Sheets, but that’s not good enough for me

  • you can get it work with a local Java client, but I don’t like that

  • you can get a daily “flexquery” csv import (I have that, it’s just not real time)

  • there is a web flex query gateway, but it’s only updated 1x per day

  • there is a Yahoo Finance integration, I could scrape the data in real time from there

Does anyone have a better idea, or maybe a 3rd party tool they use?

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I use the build-in options in MS Excel :smiley:

I wonder what is not good enough with that?
Googlefinance function is quite rich, should be able to cover whatever IB provides you (daily, total P/L, etc.)
Yes it may have up to 5min delay, but so does the official IB mobile app - I don’t see it as a terrible issue.

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It’s a good question! I have lots of exotic stuff at IB (puts, small cap values, short ETF etc) that I haven’t found in Google Finance. Unless I am missing something there? I assume there is no way to query the IB database via Googlefinance, correct?

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had written any scripts to parse the Interactive Brokers flex query using google scripts into google sheets?

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