Interactive Brokers summary and costs

I dont’ think it’s an option. I think it’s the default. Many years ago I also had a card like this for my online banking in Poland. If you’re not happy with that card, then you can switch to IB Key app.

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As far as I remember, you decide during registration on 2FA method - I asked for the card as I don’t trust mobile apps (well, to be precise, I don’t trust any apps, but some I just have to use).

That’s interesting. I do not think I got this option when I created my account last year.

How long ago did you create yours?

Two years ago I think. Maybe they’re trying to switch people to digital.

No card for me either. 2FA app only.

Yes, it makes sense :slight_smile:

I have 2FA via code sent to phone

I would have declined app though as prefer to limit financial apps on phone because I distrust the security and my phone leaves the house

By the way, have you seen?

  • Digital Security Card+ - Available to accounts with a balance greater than 500,000 USD, this card adds an extra layer of security through the use of a PIN number, a challenge code and a high count of possible code permutations.

Pretty cool. I guess we just have to focus on getting to 500k :smiley:


@Hedgehog has explained in this forum how he uses an old Android phone only for ebanking and financial stuff. So do I now.

This phone only leaves my house on a longer holiday and is extra-protected

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