Interactive Brokers summary and costs

Nice, but they are still posts to read and sometimes can get confusing.
(tiny example of confusion: sometime (on this thread as well) people talk about 0.x% of your wealth.Tax deductions are usually on the gains so what is not said is that the 0.x% is calculated from a “standard” gain of 2% for example).

A wiki with some calculation tools would be nice.

What username did you use, that they banned you?

For the record, I think this forum engine kicks ass. I have never used a more modern and friendly one. The quoting mechanism, the editor, it’s really great.

covfefe, perfectly normal and possibly the greatest username there is! I really don’t understand what was their problem and too lazy to ask. Maybe it was envy

Small forums and communities tend to come and go. If you want to preserve the knowledge i do suggest sticking to boggleheads wiki, they are the biggest of this kind. Just too bad they don’t have regional subforums that’s all


I was about to say it. 100% agree. I even spent some time trying to understand which software runs it. :joy:

Well I just had a look at the source code and saw that it uses Ember.JS. Then a bit of googling and voila:


Btw I’ve found this on their site:

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haha yes some of my longer guides are such wiki posts :slight_smile:

I am happy you like this forum, but please keep this thread to its initial topic. If needed there is a dedicated category about the forum :slight_smile:

This is also interesting…

That doesn’t concern you as a swiss domiciled investor. You get your voucher directly from ESTV after they process your tax return in the form of tax credit for next year

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How does it work exactly with these 100k? You are supposed to have invested at least this sum or is it the value of all your holdings at every moment of time? If the prices of your ETFs fall and it’s all suddenly worth less than 100k do you start paying again or your initial 100k contribution is all that counts?

your account has a property “net value” which is the sum of all positions at their most recent price. if it’s above 100k, you don’t pay CHF10/month. if it fluctuates around 100k, i dont know.

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As Nugget said, net value decides. And the cash positions also count. Also, if you make a transaction for $6, then you just need to pay the missing $4. So it’s kind of like “minimum cost of $10/month fee”.

And finally, for the last 6 months i had around 50’000 there and they didn’t charge me this fee, I think. Maybe I missed it :thinking: , will check later.

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If you are younger than 25 it costs even less at 3$ per month which I barely notice


What kind of online security does IB offer? Is there a two-stage identification? How does if work exactly? Can you pay out only to your own account as on CT?

IB is much better in this field than CT. CT has this VIP Security app, which you can switch to a different one just like that, before you provide the key. It’s a total joke, I reported it to them and they ignored it.

IB sends you a plastic card with 3-letter codes on it. If this is not enough for you, you may download the IB Key app, where you get the codes. It should also work offline.

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What do these codes on the card do? Do you need to enter them to log in like the codes from the calculator of Postfinance? But these codes are printed on the card and are static, right? You don’t get a text message or something to login at IB?

They are like 1: ABC, 2: 123 etc.

IB asks you to give the code 1 and 2, so you write ABC123

So if someone steals that card, or just makes a photo of it, they have this part of your 2FA.

Whereas with PostFinance they would need to know your PIN and have the device on them.

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Thank you. How about the possibility to transfer your money elsewhere? CT only allows money transfers to an account with your name. How is it with IB?

I don’t think I ever got that card from IB, is that an option or something? Not that I would use it anyway, I’m using their 2FA app, which works just fine.