Interactive Brokers interface get worse

Am I the only one that think that IB is getting worse every day?

  • Their website is hiding the login form
  • The transactions done from the website are easy to use but lack information (cost? How much in taxes? )
  • The Wire transfer when the interface is in dark mode is very very bad! Some text is white-on-white!

Did I miss something?


On the bright side, the Swissquote interface gets better every day.

(I don’t work for them nor advertise on their behalf, but as a user I appreciate the recent improvements)

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Cost over usability. Do the math how much time you lose compared to a competitor and then have much you save. Saving / hours = hourly wage for being annoyed

I like the Interactive Brokers interface and I don’t have any issues with the login forms or white-on-white text but I’m not using dark mode etc. I’m on a Mac and use Safari if that makes a difference. It looks not bad and they have functionality other brokers don’t have. I had SQ before and the difference between SQ and IBKR is like day and night in so many aspects, e.g. price, functionality, (whereas IBKR is the positive example).

I mostly use Trader Workstation because the nice features it provides. Yes, IBKR might not look like the most recent and modern web application but it’s very stable, provides lots of features and just works. And if you have seen or worked other professional trading software, you know that they all look little bit like that (outdated design).

I prefer that they keep the stable interface and software with all those features, rather than to increase prices and create a new interface that lacks all those features and is potentially unstable, but is clicky-bunti. For clicky-bunti we have Yuh :slight_smile:


Hey !
I use the web IB interface in white mode and I never experienced those kind of troubles.
Btu to me 2 “bad” things are:

  • this window which appears when I buy for let say 200USD of asset with 205USD available and which tells me that I have to settle more ; I don’t know how to estimate the correct amont needed.
  • I log in the IB and when the main page appears, it tells me that I’m offline and will not be able to buy/sell but I still able to see the content of my portfolio.
    Otherwise, It’s ok to me.

I guess it just needs enough so that fees/commissions can be charged too. Could probably be fixed through upgrading to a margin account.

That’s maybe active trading permissions? You can login to your account on several devices / interfaces, e.g. web client, Trader Workstation, Mobile Client etc. but you can have active trading permissions only on one of them. So if you logged in on your phone with active trading permissions and then login to the web client, then you can’t trade on the web client. You would have to activate permissions on the web client but then they will be revoked on the mobile client. Meaning that you can login with standard permissions on several devices and interfaces at the same time but you can have elevated permissions only on one device / interface at the same time.

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With a margin account, an option is to first trade in USD and only then exchange CHF to USD. That way, you know exactly how much USD you need to exchange.

Nope, I only log in from one device ever, and it still happens to me. Often it takes a few seconds until everything’s all right, but sometimes it takes another login so solve it.

I personally don’t see the differences :stuck_out_tongue:

For doing my monthly operations with market orders, I don’t really care how it looks.


I always found confusing to find the fees paid for a given trade. Does anybody have experience with this?

Before you confirm a trade, you can do a preview and this will show you the estimated fees. I always found the estimation to be accurate. Otherwise, you should be able to see the fees in the activity statements.

Yep, this is where you have to look. It looks like this (Trades section):

This shows that I bought 1580 GBP at 1.25465 CHF/GBP, which cost me a total of 1982.35 CHF plus 1.84 CHF in commission. My only gripe with it is that for non-currency trades it doesn’t show the currency of the commission. But that is not too hard to figure out if you do the bookkeeping soon after the trade.

Ah yes, thanks!
It is also visible in the trade tab in small print. But I had a 1.0 value (I only did small transactions) without any currency and I thought that could have also been a percentage

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This is what I’m talking about…

And if I highlight:

So basically they don’t show you some basic info if you work in dark mode.

Appreciate the censorship of the CHF amount :smiley: I can see the millions :wink:

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I teach you a neat trick: Always censor more than there is to censor :smiley:
It might be 99900.00 or 9900.00 or just 100.00. You’ll never know. eheh
…and it’s a deposit. It might be a lump sum or a daily deposit :smiley:

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I believe commissions charged are always in your main currency.

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No, I’ve had commissions in other currencies before. It’s probably dependent on the exchange you’re using.

Trading commissions for stock transactions are charged in transaction currency.

There are some other fees like currency exchange ones (I think), which are charged in the base currency.

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