Interactive Brokers for dummies

Thanks a lot ! You answered my questions very precisely :+1:t2:.

I didn’t find any similar question in the forum so far… I am using now ibkr and I am not successful in finding my transaction history…it’s available for the last 90 days (!). I purchase VT rarely, and I would like to have an overview of when I purchased and at which price, I didn’t write this down as I was sure it’s very basic data that should be available.

I tried the following:

  1. Transfer history menu - only last 90 days (!)
  2. open VT and check the transaction history below the thicker - they don’t show up with the date (!)
  3. create a custom report “trade by symbol” - but if I open year to date it’s all aggregated

For 3) I could select each month, and get an overview by month I guess, but I hope there is a more elegant / straightforward way?

I have ibkr pro and use the relatively simple web interface.

Is there a way to get that?


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Sure. You need the “Activity” report (or statement) for the period you are interested in. There you need “Trades” section.

Thanks so much, got it now !