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Can I make IB auto-roll futures (eg futures on S&P 500)?

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I have just stopped my yield enhanced program participation after checking this year additional yield. It’s a whopping 2.5 CHF from a 160k Depot :crazy_face: not sure what I have expected but maybe just a little bit more somehow covering the trading fees.

What is your experience with the yield enhancement program?

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I don’t think so. There is a “roll position” button, but I think it just creates orders that you have to execute. It’s probably like with these auto rebalancing or portfolio tools: they can generate orders, but someone has to press the button to execute them. Security/compliance limitation. If you are brave enough, you can create market orders that are released at a preset time in the future (Good After Time) using Trader Workstation.


Well in terms of the yield enhanced program I had mixed experience, which however is a total disaster invest wise.

My “Upstart” position gives me around $300-400 per month. Needless to say that I have a huge loss on the position. On the other hand, my Logitech holding gives me approximately CHF 0.50 per month… My VTI position has not been lent out yet but I assume that the yield would be also im the singe digit range.

It would be interesting to know how IBKR calculates the interest rate for individual stocks and if they have it published somewhere.

Btw, when investing in futures, do you have any idea at what point you’d be considered a professional trader tax-wise?

Basically, I’m thinking of using futures for leverage purposes.

I think if you open futures position for a moderate leverage, keep it almost to expiry and then roll it to the next contract, nobody can claim that this is a source of substantial income for you. I think this is the main criteria after all.


Hey everyone

I got a call from IB to add the cost basis information of my transferred shares to IB. What did you do about it? Is the release of this information necessary for a non-US person? See below the invitation:

2022-12-07 20_14_59-Banking - Outlook-Datendatei - Outlook

I agree with you that it is not mandatory if you have no tax on capital gains.

However, it can still be useful for you to provide a value, because it will be used to calculate and display gain/loss for this position; otherwise, gain/loss will probably be relative to the stock price at the date of transfer.

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It will be updated when they get the information from the other Brokerage firm that you transferred the shares from. usually 7 to 10 days after the transfer if I remember correctly

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I agree that it is an advantage for documentation and gain/loss calculation! Thanks for the advice

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Yes, I thought so, but my bank didn’t make any transfer of those details, I think that’s why IB contacted my for the manual update

Hi everyone

I have been reading this great forum for quite a while now and decided to open up an account at IB UK. Is anyone willing to send me a referral code for the UK IB page?

Many thanks already!


Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Many thanks! I end up on the .com site, however, and not on the
Is there any way I can see with which entity of IB I will open the account?

I believe you don’t even have a choice of IBKR entity when signing up as a new customer.
Pretty sure I did open on their .com site (though the UK entity shows up on statements).

When logging in, it automatically forwards me from to, even in a private browser session/window.



Have you received this communication on training yourself with IB?

I think I will take one of them for the bond allocation. I will Use the first 100 usd in the next 180 days then near the end I will take the remaining 2 and use the 200 usd for the end of the year.
Saving won’t be much but it still good to learn.

Learn and Earn up to USD 300 in Commission Credits

We are excited to announce that clients can earn commission credits by completing Traders’ Academy courses in Portal.

To get started, log in to Portal and select Education > Learn & Earn.

You can earn USD 100 in commission credits for each of the three eligible Learn & Earn courses. The courses cover Options, Futures and Bonds. Awarded commissions are offered upon completion of ALL course material within the Award Bundle if you have not traded that product for the 180-days prior to completing the course.

Please note that only one account per household can claim the commission credit.

The credits will expire after 180 days if they are not used. In addition, the credits will only be used on the commissions charged by IBKR, not regulatory/third-party fees charged by exchanges.

For additional details on the IBKR Learn & Earn Program, please review the Terms and Conditions.

NB : I read the LEA terms and it may not be as interested as those credits can be used for trading the asset class covered by the Award Bundle (options, futures, or bonds).
So you need to be highly motivated to trade this asset class as you will need to complete all courses and tests (e.g. for Options 45 courses of 2 minutes each with tests ).

Yes, but if I go to Education, there is no ’ Learn and Earn’ .

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Yeah me too.
You could click on the link I posted in my previous message about Options

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