Interactive Brokers Epic Guide 2024

Dear Community, I am new to interactive brokers and getting familiar with the interface. Now, I want to make the next step and buy the VT ETF (Chapter 7 — How to buy an ETF on Interactive Brokers?). Due to the overwhelming choices I am a bit worried to choose the wrong ETF. When I type “VT” in the trade interface, “VT Vanguard TOT WORLD STK ETF - ARCA” appears as in the Figure 4 from MPs Interactive Brokers Epic Guide 2024 chapter 7.

I like to ask two things: 1) is this the correct ETF if I aim for the VT ETF and 2) What does ARCA mean?

Thank you for replies and sorry for this rather dull question.

ARCA is the stock exchange where VT is primarily traded: NYSE Arca: Definition, History, Funds, Membership, and Options.