Interactive Brokers: Buying etf/stocks on european stock markets

Using interactive brokers can I buy etf/stocks on European markets such as Xetra. In Degiro I can buy for example iShares MSCI USA ESG Screened UCITS ETF USD (Acc) (IE00BFNM3G45) on Xetra in Eur. Is this also possible on Interactive Brokers? I don’t see what market is used or how to change it. It seems it only allows me to buy in USD is this correct?

(I understand that IB has cheap currency conversion so if I can’t buy in Eur it is not a big deal. I just want to understand.)

You can buy “anything anywhere” pretty much.

To answer your specific scenario - I have bought things on Xetra in EUR in the past.

Any idea how you find it or indicate the exchange where you want to buy? If I look for example for the ISIN it will just give the US version. The ISIN is of course the same for the different exchanges.

Ah, I simply click on the three dots on the top and change to Europe. That was stupid. Still don’t see at which European exchange I am buying but I guess I don’t care about that.

And to answer that last part. IB uses some smart routing to direct you to what should be the most advantageous exchange at that time. (See also for example: Buying ETFs on Interactive Brokers (from Germany) | Merely curious)

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You can choose the exchange in WebTrader (and, I’m sure, TWS).

In the Web Portal you can’t force an Exchange, it just picks the best / cheapest one for the given currency.

Otherwise you have to use the more advanced softwares, like the WebTrader. But why? What advantage do you hope to get from manually choosing an exchange?

Also about the currency exchange… On IB you can just trade currencies on the market, for whatever price that you can get. You just have to pay 2$ for the trade, even if you exchange millions. There are no scammy hidden fees.

This is not true, there is a percentage cost, capped on the low side by 2$. However, most people will not go over that cap. (several tens of thousands if not hundreds at once if I remember well)

Oh, you’re right. It’s 2$ per 50k ( for monthly volumes under 1 billion :smiley: ).

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Usually each ETF page has a list with the exchanges where they have the ETF listed, as per each currency. And there you can see different exchanges and search in IBKR based on that. See for example this ETF: iShares Edge MSCI World Value Factor UCITS ETF | IWVL
And there if you go at Listings, you see the different codes for each exchange, also based on the currency available. I would recommend to choose the exchange that has the highest volume per day, since the bid-ask spread is lower.

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