Interactive Brokers - all eggs in one basket?

Folks, there has been a discussion not so long ago about direct share registration, see Registering US shares bought at IB on your own name
Would that not be a good option for safety. You can basically move out your US ETFs from the broker to the “registrar”. Has still no one tried this? I imagine that would be a lot cheaper. Probably a US bank account is needed for the dividends, not sure how this would work otherwise.

Coming late to the discussion but i remember when switzerland unpegged the franc from the euro. I could not log in in PF for 24 hours because of the volume. I don’t remember if SQ reported issues. After the incident i left PF for interactive brokers.

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Thanks for sharing!

How do you handle your securities above $500,000?
As far as I know, everything above $500,000 isn’t protected by SIPC anymore.

In this case I do not understand, what “IBLLC” means?

IBLLC is just the abbreviation of Interactive Brokers LLC.

This means we are additonally protected by the “Excess SIPC Policy von Interactive Brokers LLC bei bestimmten Versicherten von Lloyd’s of London?”

This is the point, I do not understand.

At the US entity, you have following additional option in the settings:

When you click on it, following message pops up:

Tbh, I have to check that in more detail this weekend, since I do not know the pros, cons, costs, effects, etc.

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“Unfortunately”, I will change my employer and will work again for a bank, soon. Since I am obliged to close my IBRK account I did not further investigate the above mentioned topic, I am sorry :confused: