Interactive broker client portal is Down

Is anyone trying to connect to IB now? It seems to be down for me. After login nothing happens.

Works fine now. Otherwise you can always look here if there are known problems:

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I know that page. Everything was fine there. I wanted to chat with them, but you have to login first. Facepalm

Are you still having that problem? Maybe it’s something with your browser? Some adblocker that blocks important scripts? I always whitelist serious and important pages, so there is nothing that might influence something.

sometimes the client portal does not work in Safari. I use Chrome usually.

Or just use Trade Workstation like a real man :wink:

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…like a real man, I had to move chf to IB… :slight_smile:

It was firefox. I might test it tonight again.

It rhymes with Mt. Gox (hey, just kidding!)

Anyone else having problems connecting to IBKR now? TWS / webtrader / mobile app all down. Quite unusal for Sunday

Working fine here…

Yes, it was up before you posted. However their status page was showing all green but it was down most of Sunday (which is trading day at some markets). Not really nice from their side