Insurers' sports benefits

Me and my wife are both runners, participating yearly in a handful of events, from short distances to marathons and ultras.

Our current insurer, Sanitas, does provide a kickback for gym membership but that is about it.

Because we were likely going to change insurers this next season, would be ideal to find one that has some additional benefits.

The only one I could find was Group Mutuel, sponsoring and giving a 50% discount to a handful of events.

Are there any others?

Have a look at SWICA supplementary insurance. I get 800CHF towards gym membership but think it can be put towards other activities

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Checked them out.

It seems to be coaching services only for running, though I’ll ask around/send them an email.

With CSS, you can enroll in a program called Active365.
There, activities (physical, mindfulness or theories) grant points that can be converted to vouchers for specific purchases or cash deposited to your account.
CSS also contributes to gym membership.

Here are the conditions of CSS

Doesn’t look attractive to me at the first glance: lots of hassle for max 50 CHF per month…

My Sanitas basic insurance gives me ~10CHF/month in vouchers if you turn on activity tracking. On top my SWICA supplementary insurance gives ~20CHF/m plus discounts on the premium.

Well, I have an activity tracker and record my sessions anyway (mostly walking and biking). Active365 gets the durations automatically, and converts weekly to points. About once per year I convert points to real money.
So, I see it as free money for something I would do anyway…

I meant changing the basic insurance and/or taking a complementary one just for the sake of this cashback. Otherwise it’s a nice bonus, yes.

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