Insurance discount (UNIGE graduates)

Good morning,

I would like to share with you a little tip regarding insurances. If you graduated from the UNIGE, you can become a member of their association (it costs CHF 50 per year or CHF 1’000 for a lifetime membership).
It includes very interesting perks (sorry, I only have the French version):

Eventhough it costs CHF 50 per year, you will save more if your get discounts on your insurances.

Can you name a competitive offer? I suspect it is either easy to get those discounts otherwise, or the competitors are cheaper already.

This offer is indeed nothing special. Almost every alumni association or even sports club have it. Same for many companies who have such “deals” as benefit for the employes.

My experience is that the discount isnt worth much. You can get the same price as “normal” client es well but for you it is pretty hard to compare.