Insurance deductibles

A friend of mine told me that some (all?) insurance use the deductible in a nasty way.

Say someone steal in your house or a fire destroy your TV and a table. You have a deductible of 100chf. Well, from what I’ve heard, the insurances create two different cases, one for the TV and one for the table, which result that you have to pay 200chf , 100chf deductible for each item involved.

Is it true?

No, never heard of something like this.
It’s been a deductible per event, in all the cases I know.
I imagine there could be certain special cases where it is less clear if one or two events… if the thief enters your house and steals your TV, then sets fire to the house, that that might be 2 events, etc. But certainly an exception to the usual.
This reminds me of the 911 Twin Towers insurance claim. The insurance policy said 1 Billion $ per event, and the owner(s) managed to win 1 Billion per Tower, arguing it was 2 seperate events. The insurance company “lost” that case, but the owner probably had a good lawyer :wink:

They might define the event differently. For us the “event” is “fire in the house”. For them it might be “TV on fire”. “table on fire”.

There are other nightmare stories about a fire in an apartment where the courtains caught fire, but since there were no flames, that wasn’t considered a “fire event”.

legends or truth?

Had water in basement, deductible was definately per event, not per item damaged.

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I’ve heard of some insurances calculating the deductible per room affected, but never per item. When in doubt read AVBs of your insurer that you agreed to

I did check on the AGB of smile-direct (as an example) and I did not find an answer. The problem is that I can’t find (or they don’t define) what is the definition of Shadenfall/Sinistro/Sinistre.
They define what happens in case of it, but that “it” is not clear.

Maybe it’s just them.