Insurance based Pillar 3a. Is it really that bad?

I know the view here is that 3a with insurance is worse compared to a 3a with a bank (VIAC, frankly etc). Today I have everything with VIAC Global 100. My financial advisor is recommending an insurance based solution and I am trying to make my own conclusions about it.

Here is my understanding of the Helvetia Performanceplan. I can choose my own funds where the money will be invested. The option selected by my advisor is

UBS (CH) Investment Fund - Equities Global Passive W
UBS (CH) Investment Fund - Equities Switzerland Passive All W

The TER is low at 0.14% and 0.19%. Lower than VIAC. The expected returns are similar to VIAC Global 100.

This part alone already surprised me. Is the investment here really better than VIAC?

Regarding the flexibility I was told that every 3 years I can adjust the payment plan if I want. To a minimum of 100 CHF per month.

The main selling point from the advisor is that since I earn significantly more than my wife it would cause a huge impact if something (death, unemployment due to sickness) would happen to me. Hence it would be foolish to not be insured against it - those are the words my advisor.

I don’t know what to think. The investment plan does not seem that bad. The negative effect on my wife in case I am unable to work really worries me as well.

So please mustachian help me before I possibly make a mistake. Why should I stick with VIAC?

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