Input stock trades info in tax return (Canton Geneva, Interactive Brokers)

For those who have had the experience of doing their own tax returns and have made more than 100 individual stock trades (buy and sell)

Did you enter or provide the information about each individual trade when you filed your tax return? I would like to know if it’s mandatory. (Canton of Geneva, Interactive Brokers) Thank you

No, it isn’t [20 characters]

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What broker / bank?
Do your trades involve stocks which pay dividends? This may require that you fill in individual buys and sells, else you’ll have no way to declare the income/dividend part properly.

For >100 trades it may be easiest to order a Steuerauszug from your bank, which will sum up all relevant info, and give you just a few numbers to transfer to the declaration - dividend without verrechnungssteuer, dividend with verrechnungssteuer, US steuerrückbehalt, us wht, total value on 31.12.
If you’re at IB, you can use the free Annual Report.
Swiss brokers/banks charge for this “luxury”, CHF 100 upwards.


Thanks a lot, I am with IB, which report are you referring to? are you talkng about the biggest one called “Activity Statement” which can only contain too much info :slight_smile:?

Ah yes, sorry, not Annual Report but “Activity Statement 1.1-31.12”. I take about those 5 important numbers** out of that, and there were “no questions asked”.

I feel this way is the equivalent to filling in the values from a Steuerauszug of a Swiss bank. (I’ve never had a Steuerauszug done though, I’m to tight for that :wink:)

** total dividends, wht (für Steueranrechnung acc. to DTA), stock value on 31.12, cash account balance at 31.12., interest.
(I only have US stock/ETF at IB, there may be one or two more numbers if holding other stock ex-US.


Depending on what securities you hold, there may be significant deviations from the numbers you would get on a tax report with official ESTV values:

  • Dividends of accumulating funds are missing
  • Official tax value at the end of the year may not match the IBKR asset value. The differences might be negligible except for Swiss real estate funds
  • Tax-free capital gains distributed by Swiss stocks and funds might be reported like taxable dividends (not sure about that as I don’t hold Swiss securities at IBKR)

If you only hold foreign distributing funds and stocks at IBKR, directly using the numbers from the activity statement may be reasonable. If anyone sees something missing in the list above, please comment.


Thanks a lot. The person doing tax for me wants to send the whole “Activity Statement 1.1-31.12 to the authority and I wonder if it is good to provide maybe too much information? what’s your opinion?

Thanks a lot. I generally had 10 individual stocks in my portfolio, the only ETF I had was the ZKB gold ETF. the 10 stocks have changed during the year, some has been sold and new stocks bougut. most of them are US stocks, had 1 Swiss and 2 German, something like that

The person doing tax for me wants to send the whole “Activity Statement 1.1-31.12 to the authority and I wonder if it is good to provide maybe too much information? what’s your opinion?

Mmh, theoretically they can ask for you to deliver the content of the Activity Report in one way or another. (“send this and that dividend statement”, “send this and that transaction”). But yes, actively giving all this information or delivering only in parts and only on specific request, is different, of course.

I think everybody has to decide for themselves, as you may be somewhat wary/afraid of being classified as a professional trader (because of 100 trades, use of margin, etc.), whereas I am not (a few trades p.a., no margin). Some other people may have other issues, holding them back (don’t want Tax authority to see that one held a big position in, etc.)

My opinion, I value the declaration simplification more than them not seeing “everything”.

Maybe you could generate your own report(s).
The dividends (1.1-31.12) and the value on 31.12. Hence they don’t automatically get all the transaction details etc. but you have all the values for your one line of “IB” on the Wertschriftenverzeichnis.


thanks a lot , for clarity I have cash account, no margin, no derivatives at all

I sent them my (customised) activity and it has always been accepted.

That said, as @jay stated above, there may be small discrepancies to the ICtax figures - and accumulated taxable dividends are not accounted for.

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Thanks a lot SF, I guess you used IB to generate the (customised) activity report? is it possible to tell me how to generate this exact report? BTW is it in canton Geneva?

:point_right: Interactive Brokers, which reports needed for tax declaration? - #2 by San_Francisco

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Interesting. What do you say if they ask you provide all information and there are gaps? Ups forgot, no divs on those trnsacation, etc?

As a taxpayer, you have the responsibility to fill in a complete tax return with the documentation at hand. Your wealth at year end + total income received/tax withheld shall be announced. You’re free to attach documentation from your broker but it isnt mandatory.

Depending on the volume of attachments, the tax authorities wont look at everything, but will trust what you reported.

However, if the tax authorities ask for further information/documents, you have to comply. Based on the documents received, they may amend the tax return you completed.

It would be to easy to send an empty tax return with 500 pages of attachments. The tax authorities wont do your job :grinning:

Brokers countries (like the U.K. for Interactive Brokers) will report total proceeds from sales of securities to the Swiss tax authorities - that is, how much you have received from all your stock sales.