Indirect amortisation via Pilar 3a

Hi all - looking for some advice on my indirect amortisation with the bank.

I’ve recently found my pilar 3a to not be a great deal (its bundled with life insurance) and I’m looking to change it to something more mustachian. However as my existing pilar 3a is now in my mortgage contract, this might be difficult to change with the bank, has anyone gone through the process of switching pilar 3a which is already linked to a mortgage? Does the bank really care where the pilar 3a comes from?

The index linked Pilar 3a’s are of great interest to me, however as these come with slightly higher risk is it a bad idea to use these for indirect amortisation? Anyone here using them for indirect amortisation? Understand it is down to the individual risk profile, but maybe I am overthinking this, and should just go for an index linked 3a.

Thanks for the advice!

don’t know if they will accept bank / funds, it probably depends on the bank.
I initially used my insurance 3a pillar for indirect amortization, then last year (after 7 years) stopped to put money into it and opened a new funds 3a -> I discussed with the bank and finally decided with them to let the insurance part (amount already paid) as warranty + I began to directly amortize the difference (the bank will do the calculation for you).

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