Income taxe rate and progression: Be aware, Bern is everything else than 'social'!

By chance, I’ve come to compare the income tax rate and progression of the canton of Berne and other cantons (e.g. Lucerne). It is well known that Berne has been governed by socialists for a long time. However, if you compare the income tax rate and the progression, Berne is far from promoting equality!

For example, for a single person with a taxable income of 10000, the tax rate in Berne is 2.8715 %, while in Lucerne it is 0.02000 %. If the income is 25000, the rate is 3.5154% in Berne and 1.73600% in Lucerne. At 60000, the rate is 4.0608% in Berne and 3.64000 in Lucerne. At 100000, it’s 4.5421% in Berne and 4.18400% in Lucerne. At 1 million we have 6.2070 % in Berne and 5.59667 % in Lucerne.

Conclusion: Berne has a very high income tax rate for very low incomes and the progression in Berne is extremely low! This favours people with high incomes and seems to be anything but a socialist policy!


Have you taken a look at Basel Stadt and the french cantons too?


I don’t understand why did you have to bring together financial and political aspects in this post. This is highly undesirable on this forum if not outright forbidden. It is a way to spark an undesirable low quality discussion that usually ends up in mutual insults and leave everyone unsatisfied.

For this reason I am closing this thread. You can appeal to forum moderators, of course, but I am confident that they are going to agree with my evaluation of the situation.