Income tax for spouses working and living in different countries

Hi folks,

I will be starting a 9 month contract in Switzerland soon, earning less than 120k
Wanted advise on the following situation: my wife will keep her job in Rep of Ireland and will continue to pay taxes there. The Irish tax office can provide a letter stating she is a tax resident in the Republic of Ireland
My new employer asked me to fill in a form asking if my wife is employed in CH or abroad earning more than 2000chf a month. No mention of double taxation on the form
Basically I am trying to:
Avoid paying tax on her already taxed income.
Avoid paying an unnecessary health insurance for her as she will not be in Switzerland
Should I be taxed as a single individual in this scenario ?
Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you,

You will be taxed directly at income level. So your net salary is already tax-reduced. Nothing to worry about, you’ll pay taxes seperately.

I see the online salary calculators have higher withholding tax if I mention my wife is employed
Nowhere can I mention she is already paying tax to a different country
I see the following table for witholding tax purpose:
Basically will I be assessed under B or C ?

I am in same situation. Spouse living and working in Germany. I have been assessed under ‘C’ since I got married. The final tax rate is identical to when I was single and working (at least in my case). I was also on quellensteur before and after marriage.

@covfefe can you provide an certificate from the German tax office stating your wife is a tax resident in Germany? Would that change anything ?

I honestly don’t know. When i got married, I told my employer that my wife is living and working in Germany. Few weeks later I got the code C0N (married). The tax rate remained same as before. Searched it once and found this to be the case (can’t find it anymore!). That went on for 4 years. I did apply for correction / refund of quellensteuer for year 2018 for first time and attached my spouse’s annual income and tax statement along. Let’s see if they come up with some different results. in 2019, I got a C permit, so now I have to learn new tricks :wink: