Impact of 15% flat tax for multinational companies

Hello, I would like to get your thoughts on this topic I have been thinking about for a while.
I work for a large multinational company, 8B turnover, HQ in Switzerland and US.
I’m worried that with the new flat tax of 15% having an HQ in CH will loose all its attractiveness over other countries with a cheaper labour like NL for example.
I work in digital transformation and I’m quite worried they will just de-localize.
Do you know if the cantons will locally take any measures. The social impact would be huge.
Probably I’m not a tax expert so I don’t understand the whole picture…

The 15% tax is not a flat tax but a minimum tax. Its main target is to eliminate tax setups spanning multiple countries that allowed companies to pay very little to no effective taxes.

For Switzerland the minimum tax results in a slight increase for the cheapest cantons from today’s level of around 12% in Zug or Lucerne. As the low tax canton’s do not want to increase their effective tax rates, they will try to compensate this effect with new deductions and other benefits and reduced costs for companies.

So yes, Switzerland will lose a bit in its advantage in direct comparison to high tax countries, but it also eliminates some direct competitors with even lower or no corporate taxes today.

Overall, I personally don’t think the global minimum tax of 15% will have a significant impact on anything. But I also think this is just the beginning, and once established we will see the rate increasing in the coming decades.

At the moment, decisions on locations (for employees, not taxable profits which can be vastly different) are AFAIK mostly considering the available labour market and expected labour inflation anyway. While Switzerland’s attractiveness on the available labour market vastly differs by job, we certainly have much lower long-term labour inflation expectations than many countries today.