Immomapper real estate website with map search

When we were looking for a house to buy I often wished the real estate websites had a map function. I have never found one except in the comparis app, which usually crashed.

Later I found the website Immomapper which provides a map search. You can define if you want to rent or buy, the price range and the number of rooms. Unfortunately it doesn’t differ between apartments and houses.


This looks very nice, it also looks like it is under development so maybe just message the Dev. If the info is already in their data it would be trivial to show it.

Hi, I’m Daniel, the developer of Thanks for your feedback! I’ve put apartments/houses on my list of things to work on next.

Also, if you have any other feedback to make the site better, please do let me know!

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Well that’s what I call support XD.
I must say this is a really great site, is it a commercial product or more of a hobby project?

Just out of curiosity how did you find this thread? (I assume you signed up because of this)
My guess is a Google alert but I just find it fascinating how “small” the Internet is.

Thank you! I started the site in 2012 when I was looking for an apartment and wasn’t happy with the existing solutions in CH. It’s still a hobby project for now but it’s picking up speed. We’ll see where it goes…

I found this forum in my referrer logs. Pretty cool site!


Well in that case even more props to you since the site looks really professional but not corporate.

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I was curious about what is your data source for this project. Is it some public data or do scrap it somehow?

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It’s screen scraping the largest real estate portals in CH with the goal of covering 100% (not quite there yet)


briliant thing! would it also include student portals like or^^

That’ll be a while. I focus on the largest portals first to get the most “bang for the buck” and these are rather small.

Just want to say that this website is damn good! Jeez, Homegate and Comparis, watch and learn! I love the noise map. I love how the flats are by default on the map. Missing just the build year.

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Absolutely, I also love it and use it myself for researching new apartment.

I use it all the time and send feedback when I spot errors. Unfortunately I am probably not alone doing this, because I don’t see my tips being followed.
A lot of times people are dumb and insert data in homegate in the wrong way. Like an apartment in Ticino that show up in the middle of Zurich or an holiday apt. in south america being in Zug.

I also hate a lot when they have WG apartment and there is no way to distingish, not even the price.
Annoying side things number 2 are the temporary apartments.

Maybe some ML would help filter those two use cases.

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The mobile app from comparis also shows listings on a map, the problem is that many ads have no location data in the first place…

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